Hello, I'm Shelia V. Anderson, Owner, Colorist, Dyer, and Dream Catcher of Urban Girl Yarns.  Born in Chicago Illinois, I have always been a City Girl. Sidewalks and skyscrapers where my introduction to life. I did leave the city for a moment, but when I left I sought refuge in places that resembled my hometown urban area. Not quite sure where my artistic creativity comes from? My mother use to say, "she could put a button on a shirt" and that's where her talent ended. I have always loved everything about yarn, from knitting, to crochet, weaving, cross stitch, to simply having all the yarns I could find around me (thus my moderate size yarn stash in my home).  My artistic brain wants to push the envelope and create color palates not normally available or put together for your next project. I want to get you, the artist, to look at the colors of the yarn and see how that color will enhance and compliment your work and art. 

I raised my son as I traveled the world, courtesy of the United States Navy. I retired in 1996, and took up residency in Richmond Virginia. I have an amazing son who is off having adventures, and two beautiful grandchildren. 

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond Virginia "Go Rams". When I'm not dyeing yarn, I monitor grants for the federal government.

Urban Girl Yarns was born in 2015 as a result of my love of knitting. My motto is; Our yarns are "Raised in the Country and Dyed in the City" which literally came to me in a dream.

When you read my story and see my photo I know you don't automatically think "Country Girl", but there is a small country girl living within me. I stop the car whenever I see a cow (I have to be told leave them alone). I love sheep, alpaca, goats and anything that can result in yarn being spun. My favorite song is by "Little Big Town" don't ask. My first crush as a little girl was... Willie Nelson. I would live in the country, if I wasn't afraid of most things crawling, especially snakes.

I hope you will share your creations and designs with me as you use my custom dyed yarns. Each one is like a small cuddly child to me and I love to see that they have found a new home and are doing well. As I grow and change this business I hope you will stay with me and invite your friends.

Well that's who I am. I hope you will enjoy my creations as I have enjoyed creating them. Shelia V.

Don't forget to follow me on Ravelry @ Sanderson and Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @urbangirlyarns