Yarn Bases

We wanted to make the decision concerning each dye base a little less difficult to figure out weights and composition. Unique names sound cool but then you have to go find a key to translate it. Ten minutes later when you find out its  and 80 / 10 / 10, you’re probably feeling a little frustrated.

No mystery here! We feel it’s just easier to call it what it is and let you spend more time shopping and less time translating names. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of the bases at Urban Girl Yarns.

Each product also has this information clearly noted in the description and we tag and categorize to help you find just what you are looking for.

My second and sometime first love is travel. So, I thought it only appropriate to name the yarn bases after each of the Cities and States that brought me joy, love, laughter, memories, and great experiences.  I hope you will enjoy and tell me about your memories of the places that I chose to represent UrbanGirlYarn.

Virginia - Fingering


Length: 480 Yard / 125 grams / Yarn weight: 90% Superwash Merino / 10% Nylon

Named “VIRGINIA” because it represents the State that I now call home. The State of Virginia is where I got my dye start and learned to appreciate the ocean to the mountains. The yarn is a supple full skeins a little larger than the typical Fingering weight yarn.  I’ve come to learn that the people are passionate and can be strong when needed and gentle when required. A State where Y’all is a subject, noun, and verb will always have character and love. The fingering weight was selected to represent VA because it can be doubled forming a full DK or stand alone for a Lace pattern. This yarn is great for shawls, socks, sweaters, hats, etc. you name it and a great Fingering yarn will do it.  That’s why I named this amazing yarn “Virginia”.

Because it’s a superwash you can wash in warm water. I don’t recommend that you wring the yarn, but lay it flat to allow the fibers to snap back.


Primary fiber: Wool

Secondary fiber: Nylon

Boston - DK


“Boston” DK wt/ 100 percent Super Wash Merino / 3 ply / 230 yards

This yarn is called “BOSTON” to represent the thickness and full body of a City that changes with each block. Boston can be so warm and rich that I had to name this yarn after it. This DK SWM holds its color well and drinks dye. I recently visited Boston and I over joyed with the culture, food, people and architecture.  I selected a yarn that I believe would be as rich as the City that brought me joy.

This yarn is perfect for the intarsia designs in many of the new sweaters and shawl. When you complete a sweater with this yarn it will surly be one of your favorite pieces to kick around in.

Washing instructions: Lay flat to dry. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle. It’s superwash, but not superwoman.



Primary fiber: Wool Non superwash


Vermont - Worsted

” VERMONT”  Worsted 100% Romney Wool.   200 yards/133 grams.  3 ply “NON SUPERWASH” – Virginia Mill


This Worsted weight yarn comes from a local Mill here in Virginia. It’s so deep, fluffy, and delicious.  I named it Vermont because of the pictures perfect  winter scenes that can only be experienced in Vermont. This is a hearty rustic yarn that knits up with a purity that you will enjoy.   Just like the State of Vermont this yarn will keep you warm in the winter and and be a show stopped when you finish that special project. Expect to get touched a lot when you wear a sweater with this yarn. There is a slight halo to the yarn which only enhances it’s beauty.

100% Romney Wool


Spain - Lace

Washing Instructions:  because this is a non superwash take the time to hand wash, mild soap, don’t wring, and lay flat


Length: 900 yards / Lace weight/ single ply 1

I lived in Spain for over three years and whenever I start to schedule a vacation Spain comes to mind. As such I couldn’t narrow down any one City that I loved more than any other in a Country that is so beautiful and strong. From Barcelona to Madrid the Spanish culture Is diverse and intricate. Each region is so different, but intricately  intertwined. I utilized a Lace weight to represent Spain because of each Lace weight patterns capability, to catch light, life, and detail like no other yarn.



Primary fiber: Wool Superwash

Washing Instructions:  hand wash Lay flat

Secondary fiber:

Bangkock - Lace


Length: 460 Yards of Lace 100 gr/ 70% Kid Mohair / 30% Mulberry Silk


This yarn is called “BANGKOK”.  I traveled to Thailand and fell absolutely in Love with it.  Bangkok is a Lace weight because of the temperatures in Thailand always seems to have a halo due to the extreme heat. It’s always hot.  More specifically, the Mohair represents the markets in Thailand. In the day time they are robust and alluring proving every imaginable purchase.  At night, there are some areas that you just might not want to pull the curtain back on.  The same is true with a Mohair, you love it’s haze and sometimes it shades the layers of a yarns and changes the outcome


Primary fiber: Kid Mohair

Secondary fiber: Silk

Anchorage - DK


Anchorage  DK Length: 380 yards / 100 grams/ DK / 4 ply/ 40% Superwash Merino / 30% Baby Alpaca / 30% Silk

Alaska is one of the hidden treasures That you don’t know you love until you see it up close. When you arrive, your breathe is taken away by the mountains. Then you realize the air is so pure that your breathing has changed. The sky seems a little more blue than what you are use to. Each turn you take provides you with a new sensation and experience. The people who reside there were some of the most welcoming I’ve ever experienced. This yarn is a warm hug on a cold Alaskan night.   Thanks Anchorage of the best memories ever, this is “ANCHORAGE”.


Primary fiber: SWM/Alpacha/silk

Secondary fiber: Alpacha

Virginia "Fingering"